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I met a woman on a dating site - How to ask her out?

Many men have difficulty inviting a woman for a date. Even if it should be a simple task, in reality it is sometimes difficult to put into practice. Read this article that will help you make a woman to accept your invitation.


Seduce her before you invite her on a date


She needs to see you as a valuable person, so she wants you to invite her somewhere. Post interesting pictures, in which you are active and you did well. Add a little mystery to the conversation, be confident in your own strengths without looking arrogant. Show common sense and be funny without forcing yourself.


Make her feel comfortable


Keep the conversation in a relaxed area, make her smile, laugh. If you've seen each other before, turn to something that happened at the last meeting. If you haven't met her face to face, start with a detail from her profile and build from there. The goal is to create a chain of positive vibrations that will relax her, to be in a good state before inviting her.


Talk and flirt


Let the discussion take its course. When you feel the right moment you can compliment her a little and you can easily filter. Feel good, relaxed and make her feel the same. The invitation should come to a climax of discussion on the dating site. Use this time to reach that high level. The discussion can last in some cases several days or even weeks depending on each situation. In this case, you want to be the one to end the conversation before the interest is lost, in such a way that she will look forward to logging in again.


The invitation itself


When you feel that the discussion is at the highest level then it is time to ask hger for a date. Many men wait too long for this moment, others hurry and thus the chances for her to accept drop considerably. Try not to make this invitation a question. Tell her you should meet at some point and see how she reacts. This meeting must come as a matter of course. If she doesn't agree at first, continue as if nothing happened and see how the discussion goes. If she agrees, set the details and end the conversation before it drops in intensity. That way she will keep thinking about you and dream of the next meeting.


Know when to quit

What to do if she refuses you? Give her three suggestions of things to do together or where to meet, at different times that you think are appropriate. If she is not interested in any option, it is clear that she is not interested in a date and there is no point in wasting your time. Retire elegantly from the conversation and look for another person compatible with you.

We hope that these tips will help you get a date with the person you like. Join an online dating community, discover new people and practice what you learned from our blog.

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