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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I give online dating a try?

In today’s busy world, singles work very hard and do not have too much time to devote to sourcing potential dates. Today however, with advances in technology, singles can look for happiness using one of the many online dating services and sites that suits their lifestyle, age and other parameters. During the past twenty five years the popularity of dating sites has risen dramatically, especially in North America, and it is today much simpler, more accurate and fun to find matches according to personal preferences. Online dating sites are a simple, fast and efficient way to meet new people and potential dates and life partners according to your preferences. Today you can virtually start an online date given the rapidity of the site reaction times, something that used to take a lot more time and effort in the old days. Today there are among us many couples that have met via the online dating sites, and many have gone on to become married couples. The great variety of sites gives you as the seeker a vast choice of potential partners whether gay, senior, LGBT, and many other parameters such as athletes, sports oriented and more. Enjoy!

So which is the best dating site for me, and why?

Knowing what you are looking for in a date, you must focus on those sites that offer you the best advantage in the parameters you want and need. Every site has a different customer segment which differentiates them one from the other. Therefore while some just focus on simple dates, others cater to individual needs and characters, while yet others will focus on those looking for short and casual or longer term relationships. You must select a site that gives you the most chances of fulfilling your requirements and finding suitable matches. With regard to pricing, dating sites are varied, with some charging fees and plans, while others are free services. The methodology used by each dating site for matchups varies tremendously. Some offer simple searches based on your defined preferences list, such as locations, activities, status, and more. Other sites use a more analytical approach to matching you based on character and personality traits. Yet others can learn from your online sourcing habits and communications on their site to match profiles with your ‘behavioral’ patterns. The best advice that should be followed is to do in depth research before deciding on a dating site you feel comfortable using. We have collected important pointers and information that are sure to help you in making a correct and balanced decision on which choice is best for you.

How Do I Join The Sites Listed On the Reviews Page?

The first step is to create a profile on the site you choose – just click on Visit Site Button under the chosen site and register by following the steps required by that specific site. Keep in mind that profiles with photos get more responses; so be sure to upload a photo or two in your private or public galleries.

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Up On These Websites?

The price may vary from site to site. For women seeking men, it usually is free. Women seeking women and men seeking women or men can sign up most of the time for a free Guest Membership to check out the site — and when they are ready to start communicating, these various sites offer a variety of credit and subscription packages. Under each site reviewed we listed read more to allow you to see what it offers and how much it costs.

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