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How to Compliment a Woman? - Always Say the Right Thing

Have you ever been to a meeting and suddenly there was a total silence in which none of you knew what to say? Have you ever wanted to say something nice to a lady and you didn't know what? A good way to break the silence is to compliment her. We offer you tips so that you can do this without offending her or without looking too bold.


Observe what she appreciates in herself

Giving her a compliment she agrees with will make it easier for her to accept and appreciate you more. She will also appreciate the fact that you noticed that quality in her. Emphasize the qualities she values ​​in other people.


Give her a compliment on her personality

Think what you like about her as a person and her actions and compliment her about it. A positive observation related to personality will be much more appreciated than one related to the clothes they wear, for example, and you will also show depth. If you choose a compliment related to clothing, do not emphasize the clothing item itself, but the fact that the item highlights her beauty.

Give her a compliment on her accomplishments

Think of something she worked hard on or something she did, such as when she helped someone, a great project she worked on or a complicated life situation in which she made the correct decision. 

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Be honest and respectful

Tell her something from the heart and what you really believe in. If you respect her as a person with her opinions, feelings, hopes and dreams then it will be difficult to give her a compliment that upsets her or is not appropriate.


Avoid sensitive topics

Do not compliment her on parts of her body that are related to her intimacy or whose beauty is transient. You can tell her, for example, that she has beautiful eyes and that they are a window to the soul. This way you will connect the physique with the personality. Also, make sure you compliment her at the right time and you connect it with the current situation.

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